My recipe for a yummy scrummy “birthing bar”!

Getting prepared for labour I watched a doco where the mum-to-be ate a massive feast of low GI foods in her early stages of labour so she had the energy to make it through to the end. I loved this idea, and combined it with stuff to generate healthy breast milk production, and some nice gentle fibre to aid that first post-baby poo.. They are soooo yummy, I have had lots of postive feedback from everyone who has tried them!

They have a massive amount of ingredients in them but don’t let that daunt you!! (But if it does, I make them fresh to order so send me a message via facebook and I can whip some up!!)    The best thing about them, is that you can be flexible with these ingredients: if you don’t have almonds, add pistachios.etc..

First Taste of Life “Birthing Bar”

1/4cup each puffed brown rice, puffed amaranth, chopped up brazil nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries, dates, prunes, and currants.  1 cup each of quinoa flakes, GF SR flour, and maple syrup.
 1 Tbsp each maca powder and brewers yeast                                                                        1 pinch each cinnamon and vanilla.
 1/2 cup melted cocnut oil
  1/8 cup each chia seeds and linseeds                                                                                        1 cup each brewed raspberry leaf tea and nettle leaf tea

  1. Soak the linseeds and chia seeds in cold raspberry leaf overnight.
  2. Soak the dried fruit in nettle leaf tea overnight. Puree smooth.
  3. Mix everything together. Press into a lamington tray.
  4. Bake 170c for 20mins or so..until golden brown.
  5. Cut into bars. Makes about 16-20 depending on how big you want them!
  6. They freeze well, and are actually really yummy straight from the freezer..

Make a batch leading up to your due date, and as soon as things start happening, eat up!! Keep eating them for the next few days after birth (they are actually great to eat ANYTIME, but perfect for that specific time!!!)

Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, awesomeness!



We made it! Booboo til two!

My little baby girl is two today. What an amazing journey we’ve been on so far! With a surprise entry 4 weeks early, Miss Bailey was 2.4kg and had to be tube fed for the first few days while she developed the strength to suckle and my milk came in. As a believer in arming yourself with knowledge, I had booked into a breastfeeding course, but she was already here when it was on, so we had a to learn very quick!! I found that every midwife and nurse that came to help in hospital had a different method to show us and it was quite overwhelming and confusing. BUT determination wins out, and with a few bites, injuries, and blocked ducts, we eventually found our groove.

And we have achieved the goal of booboo til two!! woohoo!! Yay us!


Food can help prevent early babies!! AWESOME!!!

I gave birth to Bailey 4 weeks early. Her birth is considered a spontaneous pre-term rupture of membranes because there was no explanation for it. I have a suspicion I got a low-grade infection when I fell over a few days before hand, but that was fobbed off by the Dr as a coincidence. Besides that, I was fit, healthy, and in that “I feel awesome” stage of pregnancy. And then on a Friday morning, I woke up and felt my waters break. I had to ring work and say I wouldn’t be coming in! And then, after a long Saturday of waiting and wondering, she came out on Sunday morning.

We are in the planning stages of baby number two, and one of the main things on my mind is preventing an early baby. I discussed this with my Dr, who said it will be unpredictable and unpreventable if it occurs. SO, I was soooo happy when I saw the results of a study that were published this year that says that there are foods you can eat that are associated with a lower risk of spontaneous early birth! WooHoo!! I love being able to help control MY health with simple dietary changes! This is what I’ll be consuming when I’m cooking bub #2 so it stays cooked until the timer goes off at 40 weeks:

  • Allium containing vegies like GARLIC, onion, and leek.
  • Dried fruits. In particular RAISINS, dates, figs, apricots, and prunes. (Keeping in mind to eat sulpher free dried fruits!)

The study said that foods that were antimicrobial and prebiotic were important. So other foods to consider (this is my opinion- not the study) would be artichokes, bananas, and wholegrains.

Check out the study for more detailed info!

In other news, I have begun my clinical studies for nutritional medicine, so if you are in Newcastle NSW, you can come and see me in a fully supervised student clinic!! It will help me gain the skills I need to be a great practitioner whilst accruing the necessary hours for accreditation; AND you will get a super cheap (student prices) nutritional consultation focusing on your health, diet and lifestyle!! Contact me through this facebook page for bookings!

Abc challenge.

Discovered a wonderful blog today, and was prompted to do the ABC blog challenge. I think what you do, is just write a word for each letter of the alphabet that means something to you right now. Well, that’s what I’m doing!!


The alphabet picture my niece and I made for Bailey.


Here I go:

A- Alphabet!! The song that Bailey sings all day!!

B- Bailey, or Baidey as she calls herself. The most adorable kid ever!!

C- Cheree. (That’s me!)

D- Dogs. We have two, Harvey and Nugget. Harvey just had to wear a bucket on his head for 10 days cos he had a lump removed on his leg. Bailey now calls him Harvey-bucket and tells him to shush when he barks..

E- Echidna. My fave animal, and the subject of a library book called Puggle we are reading at the moment.

F- Farts. The sounds (and smells) that come out of little bubs butts are astounding. Bailey calls them bubbles.

G- Goaties. There’s a herd of 5 that live up the road, and Bailey gets so excited when we go and see them. She makes the cutest goat sound!!

H- Harvey-bucket. My precious boyboy. IMG_3098

I- Incey Wincy. What Bailey was when she came out 4 weeks early!


J- Jump. Bailey’s latest mission is to jump, but she can only get one foot off. She wants to jump to the light, so she leans back, and stares at the light and says jump, and usually falls over!

K- Koala. We go and see to Blackbutt to see the animals and all she talks about for days is the koala or the wombat. (or her little boyfriend Oliver!)

L- has to be LOVE. Having a child brings out a whole new kind of love that you never knew existed. It’s amazing how much your heart buzzes!

M- Mummies Group. Something I never thought I’d be into, but every week I IMG_1108look forward to catching up with my mummy friends and seeing our babies grow together.


N- Nan, Nanma, and Nanny Woohoo. The elderly women in Bailey’s life. Without their support I would be lost. Bailey is blessed!

O- mr OWL. I hand made him when I was (nesting) pregnant. He’s pretty cute!! Here he is with his mate, that flew away to live with one of Bailey’s friends.


P- Pig. Ever heard a toddler snort like a pig?? Bailey doesn’t say oink, she does the full blown snarfle snort. So funny!

Q- Quinoa. One of my fave super foods. We mix quinoa flakes with oats for a very nutritious breakfast every day!!

R- Recipes. What I love to create and cook!! Starting to collect all my wild scribblings into some cook books that I’ll publish (soon!?).

S- Sign language. We’ve been learning baby sign language for a little while, and although she is an excellent talker and doesn’t need it to communicate, she gets so happy when she uses them, and will be able to use them when baby number 2 comes along. Every night she signs (and says) I love you.

T- Trains. In particular Thomas. We recently broke the no TV before 2 rule (we got to 21 months!), and she has snuggle time with Daddy and they watch Thomas. She has become a major fan in a very short time.

U- Ukele. My sister in law Zelda has recorded a CD called Ukele Baby. It’s super cute, full of catchy childrens songs that she and my bro-in law wrote. They get in your head!! peek a peeka boo….

V- Vampire weekend. One of MY fave bands!! Bailey’s middle name -Blake- is secretly from one of their songs (SSHHH don’t tell her Daddy haha).

W- Wohohow! We are nearly to the end!!

X- Xylitol. A sugar substitute that I sometimes use to make healthier sweets.

Y- Yellow. The colour of happiness.

Z- zzzzzz. What you are doing if you read all this!! Thank you for being inside my head for a little while!


Now it’s your turn!




Sick person soup (a.k.a Yummy Tomato soup)

Whenever I was sick as a kid, my Mum would heat a can of tomato soup up, and serve it with buttery toast sticks, and it always felt like it made me better and gave me comfort. My main aim this week was to comfort my sick Bailey, so I made a big pot of soup just for her (and her sick Daddy!). It must’ve worked, cos they both slurped it down!! So here’s the recipe for sick person soup:

Yummy Tomato soup.

Step one make a quick stock: Chuck a few beef bones in a pot with some onion, carrot, celery, thyme, and parsley, cover it with water, and bring to the boil. Simmer for at least half an hour but aim for about an hour- then strain the stock out into a clean pot (or into a jug, empty the cooked vegies into the compost, and return the stock to the pot). Should make about 2 Litres or so…

Step two: Add about 8 roughly cut tomatoes to the stock, bring to the boil, and simmer for 20mins. Just before blitzing add a few leaves of kale, 1/4 clove garlic, and a bit of basil and thyme- and then puree til smooth. Mix in a tiny bit of rice milk just before serving it (helps cool it for bub, and makes it a bit creamier)

Serve it with some corn bread or toast soldiers.

Making it on beef stock (even this quick version) will help boost the immunity, tomatoes are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and including garlic and thyme in it just prior to pureeing it will help fight viruses.

ENJOY (whether you are sick or not!!)


Chicken Nuglets (the healthy way!)

It’s funny how things get turned around with a bit of knowledge and experience. I used to eat chicken nuggets. That and fish burgers were my preferences at McYukkies until I was about 13 and decided not to eat there again (until I was hungover at 18 and bent the rules a bit!). However, now I know what goes in the processed version, and having seen that filthy pink slime video going round, the little  chicken nuglet, is NOT what I want my baby to eat!

For some reason though, almost every cafe or restaurant has it as a feature of their kids menus. So people MUST be ordering them for their children!??!?STOP!!!! Please!!! We need to DEMAND healthier choices for our kids. It’s not hard to make home made nuggets of real chicken meat, coated in a nutritionally beneficial crumb (not white bread crumbs!), either shallow fried or baked. I realise it may take a bit longer than tearing open a packet from the freezer and chucking them in the deep fryer, but still, these are the choices we must make if we don’t want fat, hyper, unhealthy children.
There are heaps of recipes out there for healthy nuglets. Find some. Try them!! Get your kids used to eating real food instead of plastic food.

My sweet little niece was visiting once when she was little and she was famously fussy. I asked her what she wanted for lunch, she said chicken nuggets and chips. We went to the shops, and i was buying stuff to make them. She asked me what I needed a potato for, and I said the chips, and she said “Chips aren’t made out of potato”, so I asked her what they were made out of then, and she said chips are just chips.. Do you think she ate my healthy homemade chips?? No way, she wouldn’t even try them. She seriously thought I was trying to poison her.
I have (probably delusional) hopes that Bailey will act the same if someone offers her a fast food version!! haha

Here’s the version of nugz we had last week:

Chicken breast chopped up into chunks. Coated in rice flour. Dipped in egg wash. Crumbed in Quinoa flakes. Shallow fried in coconut oil. And then patted dry on paper towel.

That’s it!! Served with creamy polenta and veggies. YUM!


They are perfect little nuglets to pack for school as well!!

ABC as easy as 123…

I must admit at the start, that this is (sort of) a brag post.. So tune out if you don’t wanna know how awesome Bailey is!!

But first, down to business: I believe that teaching your toddlers should be a natural and organic process that occurs every day. For example, count the steps as you climb them, read signs as you pass them, visit the library once a week, let them help cook, (and clean!), sing heaps of songs, and play lots of games: take every opportunity to interact  in a fun way, and educate your kid whilst sparking a thirst for knowledge.

That’s all we do with super-Bailey. She amazes me every day. At 20 months she can count to 10, sing along with songs, read along with her fave books, and just says the funniest things. It’s not me teaching her, she absorbs everything in her world, and all I do is ensure her world is stimulating her brain in a positive way.

So here’s the brag part- here she is playing with alphabet magnets singing the alphabet song. Yes, I know every letter isn’t correct! But how cute is she?? She has the pitch, the melody, and most of the words (she even does an extended remix at the end!!).

What has your baby done that’s blown your brain??

Here a baa, there a baa…(We are having Lamb for dinner!)

Lamb is one of my fave meats, as well as being delicious it is a lean protein that is high in iron, zinc, and B vitamins.

DSC01533At 20 months Bailey eats what we eat. There isn’t really a “recipe” to share for this dish, but she enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share..

I just pan fried the lamb cutlets and baked them in the oven until they were done. (5-10mins) and served them with vegies.


A really simple, nutritious meal for the whole family!!

Putting the kid to work.

Before Bailey came along my partner and I would joke over a sink full of dishes about having a kid and putting it to work. We’ve discussed reward charts and chores, and will get her running the house asap!!

Last week though, 20 month old Bailey took the initiative and unloaded the clothes from the washing machine for me. Bless her!

Check her out at

On a serious note about kids and housework, I believe it is a life skill that every kid needs to learn. Don’t be shy- get that kid dusting and cleaning!! One day they will have a house of their own and appreciate all that “guidance” you gave them..



What’s in Bailey’s lunchbox??

Packing lunch for school or daycare can be stressful for some mums. Providing healthy nutritious food that they will enjoy can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be!! Variety is the key to keeping them interested and ensuring a wide range of nutrients. There are heaps of resources out there to find inspiration on making your childs lunch yummy, healthy, and interesting.

So- What’s in Bailey’s lunchbox today???


Tuna and tomato risotto, beetroot chia seed pudding, fruit pulp-flax crackers, brown rice crackers with miso, and fresh fruit with sultanas.

Hopefully what I pack for Bailey might provide you with some new ideas, and I’m hoping you might provide new ideas for me. Tell me, what’s in your kids lunchbox???